Food Handling Musts with Bob Herr

Bob Herr

Being in compliance with CA regulations for food handlers is often misunderstood and surprisingly easy. All employees that are involved in the preparation, storage, or service of food are required to obtain a Food Handling Card. Your new hires have 30 days to pass the on-line test that costs $10-$15. Easy-peasy. Once you pass, you are good to go for three (3) years. Whew!

Maybe you are not sure you need the FHC?
The most common exceptions are:
• temporary food facilities (food booths)
• certified farmers’ markets
• mobile food units (food trucks)
• commissaries (for food trucks)
• grocery stores (including convenience stores)
• licensed health care facilities
• public and private school cafeterias
• bed and breakfasts

If you don’t work at one of these and serve food to the public you must have a FHC or a FSMC. (Wait, what’s the FSMC??)

Every restaurant must have at least one person to have taken and passed the Food Safety Handling Certificate. This one is a bit pricier and more extensive. Plan on spending $140-$180 for the training and 80 question test supervised by a proctor. You can register for the monthly training we hold at Myers Restaurant Supply. You should plan on setting aside 6-8 hours for the one-day class. Once you pass, you are good for five years before re-certification and if you hold a Food Safety Manager Certificate, you do NOT need a Food Handler Card.

You can register for the FSMC class and exam at Myers by checking out details at

Food safety is a must. Taking the chance you won’t get caught “may be” a bad idea.