Rock & Brew Opens in Vacaville

Following new restaurant openings in Southern California, members of the legendary rock band KISS, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, recently opened a “Rock & Brews” concept restaurant in Vacaville California. Myers Foodservice Equipment, Design & Supply has been by their side on the kitchen build providing the support our other multi-unit chain customers have come to expect. With 18 locations already open throughout the U.S. and Mexico, “Rock & Brews” is poised to become a hit in the food world. “We have loved working with the team at Rock & Brews and we are excited about their growth and future plans.”, commented Myers President Rob Myers who instigated the relationship.

Myers has become known for their “concept to completion” full service business model that enables any foodservice venue from corporate commissaries (Apple, Google, DropBox, etc), to chef driven white linen concepts (Nobu, Curtis Stone), to multi-unit operations who demand “zero fail” commitments to enjoy drama free design and installation of their kitchens. Myers meteoric growth curve mirrors that of fast moving companies such as Rock & Brews. We wish them continued success!