Update on the devastating firestorm

On October 8, 2017 a devastating firestorm swept through parts of Sonoma and Napa County destroying countless homes and businesses.  As we emerge from the haze of the past two weeks, we want to extend our thoughts and prayers to those most critically affected.  While Myers did not suffer any physical damage for which we are grateful and fortunate, we cannot say the same for the restaurant and foodservice community in Sonoma and Napa County.  Much has been lost and many have been affected…and they, along with the entire community, will be recovering for quite some time. The roots of Myers grow deep in the soil of our home in Sonoma County.  During this trying time many individuals and groups answered the call for assistance to aid those displaced, hungry, and fearful.  We have been honored to assist these selfless people in their outreach to create some normalcy during a surrealistic situation.

The Epicurean Group established a makeshift kitchen immediately after the fire broke out and served over 7,000 meals over nine days.

Celebrity Chef and local resident, Guy Fieri rallied his team and supplied two mobile cooking centers, and along with his friends (plus nearly a hundred volunteers) served upwards of 10,000 meals a day to first responders, evacuees, Cal Fire, law enforcement, and the National Guard.

For many in law enforcement each day was fueled exclusively by coffee.  When the Santa Rosa Police Department and Marin County Deputies rushed in for additional coffee makers, we said, “take what you need”.

The Salvation Army, Worth Our Weight, and Backyard Forestville are just a few of the heroes who rolled up their sleeves and supplied food and comfort during the past two weeks.

We were honored they asked and thrilled to be able to provide these heroic groups with foodservice equipment and supplies to enable them to meet the needs of the displaced, First Responders, and volunteers who were affected during this epic and tragic event.

Today the sun is shining and the recovery is beginning.  Slowly a spirit of resilience and a glimmer of optimism is creeping into everyday conversation.  The determination and passion to survive that we see every day in the foodservice industry, is apparent in the voices of those who may have lost their homes, businesses, or loved ones.  Myers Foodservice Equipment Supply & Design, like the communities we live in, is nothing without dedicated, committed, and selfless people.  We are very blessed to be surrounded by many of them.